Cycling & Hiking in Golden Bay

Whether you prefer to hike or cycle in scenic Golden Bay the options and chocies of track are boundless!

Throughout the beautiful Golden bay there are trails that lead through scenic forest parks like the Milnthorpe Park reforestation project Scenic reserve to the surreal sometimes windy and wild beauty of Wharariki Beach. From breathtaking waterfalls to feats of Engineering marvel. There are such an array of adventure and fitness most stay several days to try and do or see as much as they can.

Some of these are strictly walking or tramping trails while others lend towards the hardier mountain-bikers and can provide a challenging ride for even the more experienced riders. A symbol for cyclists is shown where mountain biking is allowed  and this must be strictly enforced as it is not always possible to mix walkers or hikers and mountain-bikes on the same trails in a safe manner.

Fortunately the Heaphy track enables the mix of the two, however not at the same time, during the summer or peak season when it is strictly only for those on foot. During the colder wetter months is open for those mountain bike enthusiasts who don't mind a cooler climate while sweating over the rougher parts of the track.


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